The benefits of apartment living

18 July 2019

The Great Australian Dream is changing. It used to be all about that house on the hill with a white picket fence – and for some it still is. But for a lot of Australians, apartment living is becoming a more attractive option. Here’s why.

Less maintenance and upkeep

When you choose to live in an apartment, maintenance time and expenses are generally lower. For starters, newer developments are built to the very latest safety and construction standards. This means you’re less likely to come across some of the maintenance issues that accompany older houses. 

Because apartments tend to be smaller than houses, there’ll be less cleaning and gardening required. So you can clean your living space in a fraction of the time, which means fewer chores and more relaxing.

Apartment complexes are also strata-managed, which means all the common areas will be maintained by a body corporate. For example, any communal gardens will be strata’s responsibility. This means you can still enjoy the benefits of a beautifully kept garden without the hassle.

Finally, newer developments usually have 6-star green energy efficient ratings. This means you could be saving costs on energy in the long run while doing your bit for the environment.


A more convenient and accessible lifestyle 

Location can make or break it when it comes to buying property. For some, apartment living could be your one-way ticket to a trendy inner-city suburb where a house might be out of reach. This means you can live in an area of your choice without the unattainable price tag.

Another important aspect of location is proximity. Developers will assess the best geographic locations based on how close they are to schools, public transport, shops, bars, restaurants, entertainment, parks and other important services. As a result, apartments are usually at the center of everything.

Apartment living boasts a totally different atmosphere to houses. With everything literally on your doorstep, you’re never far away from any of the facilities needed to not only survive but thrive.


Always feel safe and secure

Another advantage of apartment living is that complexes will invest in the overall safety of its residents. From secure entrances and alarms to intercoms and buzzers, certain security measures are taken in apartments that you wouldn’t get included a standalone home.

For instance, you’ll require not only a key to get into your own apartment, but a swipe or access code for the building entrance. You may also need the same information to use the lifts. On top of this, larger buildings might even have staff at the door and car parks as well as CCTV monitoring in the lobby, hallways and communal areas.

Not to mention, you’ll be in close proximity to your neighbours so there are always people around. All of these security benefits allow you to enjoy a lock and leave lifestyle. That means you can feel comfortable leaving your apartment if you go away. All you have to do is lock the door and leave!


Plenty of amazing amenities

Apartments are generally built with specific facilities that you might not get after buying a home. Depending on your development, some of these amenities might include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Gyms
  • Rooftop hangouts
  • Entertainment rooms
  • Business or media center
  • Convenience stores
  • Communal gardens
  • BBQs facilities
  • Covered parking
  • Bike storage
  • 24/7 security monitoring


Some buildings might even offer childcare, pet sitting, laundry or car washing services on the premises or at least in very close proximity. You can use these anytime you like.


A real sense of community

Last but certainly not least, you get a real community feel living in an apartment. Sharing a building with others enhances the possibility of getting to know those living around you, and hopefully make new friends. This is especially true in apartment complexes with lots of added amenities.


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